Dreams Come True – It Starts With Me

Before I recommend an investment to a client, I make sure I own that investment myself. If I suggest a particular type of insurance, I’ve bought it first. It’s one of the first things I learned as an Advisor many years ago – you need to experience the same ups and downs, risks, and rewards as your clients. I’ve always remembered that mantra.

Our clients have had some amazing dreams that we’ve actually helped achieve. And while most clients’ dreams and fears are not money related, there is a financial component. A good financial advisor addresses his/her clients’ fears and their dreams. The fears are the first priority – making sure there is enough, is a big one. See below.

  • Want to retire early and travel? What’s stopping you? The money or your health.
  • Want to help your grandchild through University? What’s stopping you? Making sure you have enough for care in your later years.
  • Want to make sure your parents can live out their lives in dignity without making your children bear the burden? What’s stopping you? The dollars.
  • Want to quit your corporate job and start a gardening business? What’s stopping you? The plan to make sure you aren’t putting your retirement at risk.

Fears are easily addressed. I want to also help my clients’ dreams come true. I know it sounds hokey, but if there is no positive reward, the sacrifice will never feel like it’s worth it. That’s why we spend so much time talking to our clients, trying to understand those dreams.

And just like I make sure I lead by example when it comes to investments and insurance, I want to do the same with making dreams come true.

My wife, Amy, and our three children Layla (10), Zev (8), and Elisheva(7) have visited Israel a number of times. Amy and I grew up learning about and visiting the country often, and continue to appreciate the heritage, culture, and completely different lifestyle it offers. A few years ago, we wondered at how great it would be to have our family move there for something like a “sabbatical” year. And so, started our adventure.

We first picked a place – a mountain called Gilboa, in the North Eastern part of the country. A region that we found to be beautiful, peaceful, and interesting. Then we looked at communities and settled on a Kibbutz called Ma’ale Gilboa – on the mountain. We then visited, made friends, and started a campaign to see if there was a family willing to relocate for a year so we could rent a home there. There were many obstacles to overcome and some we’re still working on, but we’ve managed to find a place to live, rented out our house here in Toronto and, in short, we’re doing it! Starting in mid August, I’ll be relocating my family to Israel for a year.

With technology and a good team, I expect to be able to run our practice the same as it’s been running in the past. I’ll be available on the phone and email each day, we can do GoToMeetings as necessary, and I plan on coming back at least once a month for a week or more to ensure I can still sit across from my clients as necessary.

I’m excited to share this experience with you, my clients, over the course of the year. And while I’m sure there are any number of things we haven’t thought of yet, I’m excited to be able to take a wild and crazy idea and make it a reality. I can’t do it for you, unless I try it myself.