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Passover 2021


Fear and Perspective

The last few weeks have been exhausting. Depending on where you live and your situation, you might feel cooped up and ready to get out, or scared about the reopening and want to stay home. You watched the news with the tragic events over the past few weeks and fallout afterwards. Society is being tested. So are markets. We’ve seen a roller coaster of emotional responses to data that is confusing at best. And yet, somehow the stock market is up – for now.

COVID-19 Update

Signature Global Technology Fund Webinar


Special Message – COVID-19

I have been sending out regular e-mail updates on markets and the impact of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. I thought instead of an e-mail, I’d send a video message to give you my latest update. I will be updating you in the coming week as well.

Have a safe, happy and restful weekend.


Episode Four

Check out my latest video blog. It’s topic is about being adaptable – whether that’s in your personal life, your financial matters, or anything other aspect of what we do on a daily basis. If you can’t be flexible and have the ability to adapt, you’re at a disadvantage. We’ve learned many lessons this past year, both personally, in how to be flexible in your plans, how to adapt when situations change, as well as on a planning level with markets throwing extreme volatility at us this past fall and then giving it all back this spring. My goal in the coming weeks is to reach out and be in touch with as many of you as I can, to “check-in” as we reach the half way point in the year and see if we need to adapt or adjust any of our plans. Our plans for next year have changed as well, but you’ll have to watch my latest video blog to find out.


Episode Three

A big part of trying to achieve one’s dream is to realize how much risk you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s a market risk, like in finances, or more personal, risk is a major factor. Taking a close look on a regular basis helps us come to terms with just how much risk we’re really comfortable with. Here’s my take on how this has applied to our little adventure so far and how it can impact your plan as well.

Episode Two

Planning – sometimes even the best laid plans can go sideways. Whether it’s your financial plan and achieving your dreams, or it’s shipping a motorcycle halfway around the world, your plan needs to be able to roll with the punches! See my latest video blog.

Episode One

People hire an Advisor to help them plan their future, work out the details and ultimately help them make their dreams come true. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years. Something dawned on me a few years ago – I would never sell a client an investment or insurance product without owning it myself first. The same should go for the bigger picture.

A good Advisor should accomplish his/her goals, make their own dreams come true before they can truly help you with your own. I started working on one of my dreams more than 2 years ago – to spend a year abroad with my family. I didn’t want it to be a year off, or move anywhere permanently, rather I wanted to give my family and myself the experience of living in a place that we’re connected to, where we can learn from a different culture and have some amazing adventures. All the while, making sure my family is not just “on board” but happy, that my business continues to grow, and my clients remain well served by me and my team.

And I’ve done it! We’re in Israel. Technology is making things work quite efficiently. Many of my clients and friends have asked me to share these experiences, so here’s the first installment of 90 Seconds with Jay. I’ll post these every few weeks to keep you up to date on what I’m doing here and at the same time how it might relate to what’s going on back home. I look forward to sharing more throughout the year.