Our Team

Jay – The “GM”

Jay’s been at this for more than 20 years. He’s seen the industry change, markets change, products come in and out of fashion and has managed to help his clients grow and adapt at each step of the way. While starting off strictly as an Investment Advisor, Jay evolved into a true Generalist. Being able to identify where clients need to focus and help them clearly shape their goals and dreams while pointing out the risks has become Jay’s expertise. Every client should be “slightly uncomfortable” when it comes to their finances – this is one of Jay’s philosophies that has worked for the hundreds of families he’s dealt with over his career. Jay is a proud father and husband and works in his community in many different capacities – on the Board of his synagogue, running fundraisers for SickKids and more.

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Maria – The “Partner”

Maria is the planner and partner in the practice. In her 10 years of experience, she’s played every role, understands what clients are looking for, what they need now and what they’ll need before they even ask for it. Maria’s focus is financial, tax and estate planning. Maria started out as an immigrant from Colombia and has become not only a Certified Financial Planner but will soon attain the Chartered Investment Manager designation. She enjoys traveling, running and surfing. She’s smarter than Jay, but don’t tell him that.

416-939-2000 ext.201

Sara – The “Follow-Up”

When you’ve been sent a form or we need some piece of information, Sara is the one you’ll hear from. Sara has been with us for almost a year now and has quickly become our process expert. She’s super efficient, friendly and persistent. Every business needs a “Sara” – someone who is dedicated and focused on making sure the task is taken over the finish line. Sara has passed a number of industry courses and is well on her way to expanding her role and taking on more responsibility. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

416-939-2000 ext.202

Amy – The “Back-up”

Amy is the foundation and support for everyone, and not just at the office! As you may have guessed, she’s Jay’s wife, mother of 3, in addition to being a support to the team and the branch. From event planning to making sure things run smoothly, Amy gives that extra little push that we all need to get a project over the finish line.