Welcome to the first episode of my vlog!

People hire an Advisor to help them plan their future, work out the details and ultimately help them make their dreams come true. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years. Something dawned on me a few years ago – I would never sell a client an investment or insurance product without owning it myself first. The same should go for the bigger picture.

A good Advisor should accomplish his/her goals, make their own dreams come true before they can truly help you with your own. I started working on one of my dreams more than 2 years ago – to spend a year abroad with my family. I didn’t want it to be a year off, or move anywhere permanently, rather I wanted to give my family and myself the experience of living in a place that we’re connected to, where we can learn from a different culture and have some amazing adventures. All the while, making sure my family is not just “on board” but happy, that my business continues to grow, and my clients remain well served by me and my team.

And I’ve done it! We’re in Israel. Technology is making things work quite efficiently. Many of my clients and friends have asked me to share these experiences, so here’s the first installment of 90 Seconds with Jay. I’ll post these every few weeks to keep you up to date on what I’m doing here and at the same time how it might relate to what’s going on back home. I look forward to sharing more throughout the year.